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Frequently Asked Questions

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Concrete Homes | Insulating Concrete Forms

What are the advantages of an Insulated Concrete Form Home?

  • Energy efficient  * Tornado resistant  * Fire Resistant * Architecturally flexible

  • Virtually draft-free * Cost effective * Low maintenance * Quiet * Mold free

  • Healthy * Built to last * Comfortable * Solid Investment


Are Concrete Homes more fire resistant than wood-frame homes?

  • Enjoy worry-free living.  Fire can endanger the lives of everyone in the family and destroy those things that cannot be replaced.  Insurance companies recognize concrete as being safer than any other form of construction when fire threatens a home.  Living in a concrete home can bring peace of mind to homeowners concerned about fire.


 Will I save on my Insurance Premiums?

  • Concrete homes resist fire.  They are stronger than wood frame homes and safer during tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes.  Insurance for concrete homes is often lower.

Is a concrete home quieter than a frame built home?

  • Concrete homes make the world go away – a haven from traffic and the neighbor’s leaf blower.  The mass of a concrete wall makes it an effective barrier to sound.  Although some sound will penetrate the windows, a concrete home is often two-thirds quieter than a wood-frame home

Do Concrete Homes cost more that a conventional wood-frame home?

  • Concrete Homes cost a little more than wood-frame homes.  But lower energy bills and insurance premiums can offset the slightly higher mortgage payment.  The real payback is in quality…the intangible benefits of a quieter and more comfortable home.

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