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Elm Construction has specialized in custom home construction since 1991.  We are master builders of insulated concrete structures, using the latest and most proven Insulating Concrete Forms on the market.  About eight years ago we made the decision to build exclusively with concrete, instead of standard stick building.  Why?  Because we strongly believe that building Concrete Homes with Insulating Concrete Forms gives you, the homeowner, the best quality and value in homebuilding today.

Elm Construction has been using innovative building techniques since our inception.  Our commitment to quality homes that are safe, comfortable, quiet, and most importantly, energy efficient, drives us to constantly look for new and better ways to build your home.

We are not like other builders.  We build homes one at a time, usually on a lot that you provide, although we often have lots available as well.  Our homes have a rich feel to them, no matter how large or small they are.  The difference is found in our attention to detail and use of quality materials.  For example, our window sills are deeper.  We don't use OSB, only plywood.  Our floor coverings and cabinetry are typically higher than standard builder grade.  We don't quote you a low price to pull you in, and then give you totally unrealistic allowances for each category of items in you home.  Yes, we have allowances.  Our allowances are generous however, and take into consideration what you want before we give you a final price.  Dare to compare our allowances with those provided by other builders.

Are you looking for even greater energy efficiency?  Raised heel energy trusses for your roof system and insulated basement floors are highly recommended options.  We also are experienced in geothermal heating and cooling or radiant floor heating systems if you prefer those over conventional systems.

We work with each client to give them just exactly what they have dreamed of (within their budget of course).  You, the homeowner, make the choices.  Our goal is to provide professional guidance that will allow you to have confidence in those choices.  We are also distributors for for the following products:

  • LEGALETT             Foundation Radiant Floor Heating Systems

  • AMVIC                   Insulating Concrete Forms

  • AMVIC                   Rigid Board Insulation

  • AMDECK                Floor and Roof Systems

  • RAZ PANEL            Insulated Floor Systems

Please contact us for a Free Consultation, or for information about our products, or our company.

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