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Concrete Homes | Insulating Concrete Forms

LEGALETT Provides the foundation and radiant floor heating system together in one system.  Warm floors and mold/mildew free foundations with the LEGALETT foundation radiant floor heating system, promotes healthy indoor air quality and a healthy living climate.


AMVIC BUILDING SYSTEMS - The only ICF on the market to use the unique FormLock interlocking system.  The system ensures a tight and secure interlock between forms due to deep grooves that virtually align themselves.


AMVIC EPS RIGID BOARD INSULATION - EPS provides the highest R-value per dollar of all generic rigid insulation types on the market and is utilized throughout the construction industry.


AMDECK FLOOR & ROOF SYSTEMS - The AmDeck floor and roof system consists of modular, lightweight stay in place forms made of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) for construction of concrete floors and roofs.


RAZ PANEL INSULATED FLOOR- The Raz Panel insulated floor panel system is insulation, vapor barrier and tube fastener all in one.  Easy, three step installation means you could save up to 66% of the installation cost on energy efficient in-floor radiant heat.




Concrete Homes  |  Insulating Concrete Forms


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